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Ready to fly? 

Here's everything you need to know


The Basics

Fit to Fly offers opportunities for all levels of aerialist from brand new introductory students to advanced participants. 

Our introductory/beginner level class is for first timers as well as for students who have some experience in foundational skills. 

Our beginner/intermediate class is for the next level of experience for students who are looking to improve beyond the foundation.


What to bring: workout clothes (preferably not loose), a water bottle 

What to Expect

Each class follows a general plan for the group: 

  • Warm Up: Ground and Aerial 

  • Aerial Skills Practice

  • Sequencing of Skills (Routine Work)

  • Conditioning 

  • Cooldown & Stretching/Flexibility Practice

For more information on our classes, please see the FAQ page. 

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